My Work

That Wedding Show

This is a one-minute marketing video for a fictitious show, That Wedding Show, created by Chosen Media.

This project included:
  • 1 minute of finalized audio
  • 1-day turnaround time
  • 180-word script


This is an online commercial produced by PerryLayne Productions for Epilog, an advanced seizure monitor.

This project included:
  • 30 seconds of finalized audio
  • 1 hour turnaround time
  • 60 word script
  • Very specific tone and pacing

The Enrollment Effect

This project was a full audio book for Tyler Watson, whose industry-peers have called a mix between Houdini and Tony Robbins.

This project included:
  • 11 Full Chapters
  • 4 hours of finalized audio
  • 155 page script
  • 3 rounds of revisions
  • 3 weeks turnaround time
Listen to a sample now:

Why You Can't Sell Your House &
Defending Yourself From Foreclosure

I’ve had the pleasure of recording two full audiobooks for Ryan, who has spent years learning all the ins and outs of all facets of the real-estate industry and as a result has helped many families/individuals in tough situations.

These projects included:
  • 34 chapters of content
  • 5 hours of finalized audio
  • 303 page script (digital)
  • 3 rounds of revisions
  • 1 month turnaround time
Listen to a sample from Why You Can’t Sell Your House
Listen to a sample from Defending Yourself From Foreclosure

Hear From My Clients

"Mike, love your big, bold mature sound - your tone is authoritative, and you have a super deep resonance that is gorgeous. You have a nice expression in your delivery; your voice really makes people sit up and take notice. Easily one of the best talents. GREAT to listen to!"
Talent Coach & Producer
"Michael Wade was quick and responsive with us on a video project. When we needed adjustments done he was efficient and clear. Made it easy on our end!"
Perrylayne Decker-Take
Professional Film Producer
"Mike has an amazing voice and attention to detail. He's transformed my two books into a production that i'm proud to share with the world. Thanks again Mike!!"
Ryan Nickel
Real Estate Investor
If any of you are thinking about having someone be voice over or do a book or whatever it might be dealing with voice then I'm going to suggest Mike because he is amazing. He really cares about what message you have. He cares that it matters to you and it's not just another job for him; this is a passion of his and he's going to do the job well.

About Me, Mike Wade

I am a voice-over professional in the San Francisco Bay Area. I excel at making you and your unique offerings shine so your ideal client fully trusts and invests in you.

I am skilled in recording/editing/mastering audio files within 24-48 hours from my home studio; each is filled with great energy, purpose, and passion.

From radio/tv/online advertising to corporate narrations, explainer/tutorial videos, documentaries, telephony, etc., I have your back!

As an educator I find great purpose and joy in inspiring and enrolling teens in intentional living.

I celebrate community, connection, truth, and freedom. Enrolling in life each day is a joy.

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